Eight Distinctives

“What’s Unique About Us?”

1)       Extraordinary Grace – Rather than legalisms and judgments, we strive to be a church that truly lives up to our name.  Experience God’s amazing grace through a hearty welcome, the work of Jesus’ forgiveness and salvation, the Word of God solidly proclaimed, and the witnessing power of the Holy Spirit in our midst, and in your life!

 2)      Contagious Joy – There is a spirit about Grace Church that surpasses merely being friendly.  One visitor who became a member said, “The spirit of this church is really contagious!  It’s different than other churches we’ve visited.”   We believe this spirit is the Spirit of God in our midst.  Joy abounds each and every time we gather.

3)       Inclusive Community – All churches say they are friendly and welcoming, but at Grace Church, we believe it’s true.  Not because we say so, but because the many visitors and newcomers entering our doors tell us so.  People from all walks of life, all ethnicities, all ages, and all backgrounds are welcome into the fellowship and family of Grace Church.

 4)      Sensitivity to Seniors – In a fast-paced, technological world of progressive ministries and contemporary worship services, senior citizens are often left behind, marginalized, or even ignored.  Grace Church embraces seniors in our church life and provides specific ministries just for seniors, including retaining a truly traditional worship service.

5)       Historically Rooted – Grace Church belongs to the oldest Protestant denomination in America with an ongoing ministry, the Reformed Church in America (RCA).  Rooted in the ancient creeds and confessions of the Church universal, we value our rich heritage of faith and historical rootedness.  We are not a “fly-by-night” organization!

6)       Progressively Minded – Even as we celebrate our heritage and history, Grace Church seeks to take the life-changing and timeless message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and communicate and contextualize it to our ever-changing world.  With contemporary worship, technology, and fine arts, we connect the gospel to people in today’s world.

7)       Growing Membership – Unlike many churches today, Grace Church is a church that is actually growing.  By the grace of God, we have nearly doubled our worship attendance in the past twenty years, and grown from 88 members to 175 total members.  God is truly blessing us richly.  How exciting to be a part of an expanding ministry!

8)       A Pastor-Drummer – We would be amiss if we did not mention that we happen to have a pastor who also plays the drums in our praise band.  Pastor Dave breaks the traditional stereotypes of a stuffy, rigid pastor in many ways.  So, is he a better preacher or drummer?  Come this Sunday to hear him preach and drum; then you decide!