Upcoming Special Events

All Worship Services & Activities Suspended Due to the Coronavirus

To join our livestream, just log-on to our web site at www.gracereformedchurch.com on Sunday morning and click on the Facebook icon just before 10:00 AM; it will take you directly to the Grace Church Facebook page.  The video will be available to the public on the “Timeline”, but be sure to “friend” us if you haven’t already.  After the livestream, the video will remain posted for others to view or review at any time. 

 If you are not on Facebook, you may want to join.  And, you may want to invite others to join as well.  I hope to record our service also on my phone and post it to You Tube for anyone to see, but I make no guarantees for this first week.  I’m new to this like many of you, but it’ll be fun to figure it out together moving forward.  I also plan to post an audio version to our website on Monday just like we are already doing weekly.