Pastor’s Blog

What Unites Us 

People are united by many different things.  We find affinity with others by cheering for the same sports team, sharing the same hobby, joining the same Facebook group, being of the same generation, attending the same school, belonging to the same church, and so on and so on …  The number of ways people connect is truly amazing.  But what about us as Christians?  With hundreds of various denominations and churches across the world, what unites us?

It has been said that the most divided time in America is on Sunday morning as people who work together and relate with each other all week long suddenly segregate into their own little faith groups – each worshipping God separately and distinctively from the others.  From doctrinal issues, denominations and ethnicities, to music and worship styles – Sunday mornings can be anything but a picture of unity!  Yet, there is something deeper that unites us.  Right? 

Join me Sunday morning as together we begin a brand-new sermon series entitled, “We Believe,” based on the core tenets of our faith as expressed through the words of the historic Apostles’ Creed.  We stand to say the creed often, but what does it mean?  What do we profess when saying it?  How might this ancient creed serve as a reminder to Christians world-wide of what we believe and unite us all into one holy and apostolic faith?  Join us Sunday to find out!

Traditional worship begins at 9:00 AM and features the hymns of our heritage.  Contemporary worship begins at 10:45 AM and includes the lively music of our “Spirit of Grace” praise band.  Both services feature heart-felt worship, a Bible-based message of inspiration, warm fellowship among friends, and the joy and love of the Holy Spirit working in our midst.  If you can’t join us, please visit us online later to watch the video.  May our hearts unite us in worship this Sunday!

Together in Christ,

Pastor Dave Van Netten