Pastor’s Blog

Showers of Blessings!

We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” But aside from the good weather and plentiful rains we’ve had in the month of April, God is also raining down showers of blessings upon Grace Church! Just in case you missed something, let me share with you a few of the ways God has been blessing us with “April showers”:

1)   Ephesians Sermon Series – What a blessing it has been to learn about the supreme role of the Church in God’s plans and purposes to redeem the world through us! May we never diminish the importance of our great mission. God has predestined us to unity and to unite the world under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. How good to be reminded of and refocus on this important mission as God’s people!

2)   Prayer Meeting – These meetings are so inspirational! God’s Spirit never fails to work when we call upon the Lord in humility and boldness. Lives, marriages, problems, and situations are changing because of these monthly meetings. What a blessing to see God work through us and answer our prayers. Please join us next time and be inspired as God provides answers to faith-filled prayers!

3)   Lakeview Camp Night – What a blessing to have Hannah from Lake View Camps (sponsored by the RCA) in Pella come all the way up to speak with the children of Fish Net and the youth of The R.O.C.K. on April 5! It was a great night and I believe several of our youth are considering attending these life-changing summer camps!

4)   The Discovery Class – We’re off and running again for our Spring session. We currently have two couples and two individuals attending the class and considering membership. Who knows how God will use this class? But God continues to call people to Grace Church!

5)   Easter Drama – No doubt one of the highlights of this past month’s blessings was “Easter Song!” The sanctuary was comfortably full each presentation with many people coming forward each night for the altar call and making a commitment to Jesus Christ. We even “broke in” a new Jesus who did a splendid job. What a great two nights we had! God only knows the eternal impact of this drama.

6)   Easter Sunday Services & Activities – 178 people worshiped with us Easter morning and heard an encouraging message of hope and peace. Countless people were fed a delicious breakfast/brunch. And, several children participated in our annual Easter egg hunt complete with special prizes for the finders of the Super Eggs!

7)   Seniors’ Luncheon – How blessed we are to have a seniors’ ministry once again! We must thank “the three cooks” who feed us so capably each month with all kinds of special treats. Plus, the guest speakers are informative and interesting. Join us again in May, if you can. It’s a great time of friendship, food, fellowship, and learning!

8)   Spring Clean-Up Day – Seventeen people gave up their Saturday morning the other weekend to help clean and spruce up the church properties. This was no small feat, but our property coordinator was more than up to the task. A ton of work got done. Praise be to God!

9)   Missionary Visit – I haven’t talked to anybody who wasn’t blessed by JP Sundararajan’s sharing and message the other week. How fascinating and inspiring to hear the story of his parents coming to Christ. And, we think our sacrifice of following Jesus is difficult!

10) Food Drive – It’s great to see our young people spear-heading this worthy project. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that people are hungry right here in northeast Iowa. Yet, that’s exactly the case. The ROCK youth thank you for your donations and will deliver them in person when we go to the Food Bank for our May 3 service project.

11)  Youth Service – We cap off the month with worship services led by The ROCK youth group. What a great blessing to involve the kids in worship and allow them to express themselves and grow in leadership. May God be glorified and may Grace Church rejoice!

Yes, showers of blessings are indeed pouring down on us! God is so faithful and is clearly alive & active in our midst. Let us continue to praise our resurrected Lord Jesus! Now, let’s wait to see what kind of “May flowers” God will spring up at Grace Church!

Blessed with You,

Pastor Dave Van Netten