News You Can Use

PRAYER PARTNERS NEEDED: Anyone who believes in the power of prayer is asked to sign the sheet in the foyer today and become a Prayer Partner for our Fall ministries. Sunday School, Fish Net, & The R.O.C.K. teachers, helpers, staff, and students all need prayer support. Volunteers are asked to pray for a particular teacher or section regularly at your own convenience and in your own home.   No special meetings will be had, other than the one between you and God! Sign the sheet today and help pass the baton of faith on to our children, youth, and others. “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective!”

“BUSY BAGS” FOR CHILDREN: In lieu of a typical children’s church program, we would like to continue our Busy Bags ministry for children (& parents!) into the fall season. Lots of quiet activities to keep kids busy during worship can be found in the various Busy Bags which will be located in the nursery area beginning next Sunday. Children and/or parents from the early service can pick them up there. Children from 3 years up through 2nd graders attending the contemporary service will be dismissed from worship before the message to use the Busy Bags in the nursery area under adult supervision. All the bags and the contents must be returned after each service. We trust this ministry will bless both children & parents!