News You Can Use

KITCHEN REMODEL: The consistory has approved a proposal to enhance our kitchen with some much-needed remodeling. The plan includes new countertops, laminating the walls behind the countertops and stove areas, new hardware on all cabinetry, and new sinks. The project totals a little more than $9000 with funding for the project to come from our 2017 classis Thriving Grant, memorials, our building fund, and a special gift. However, donations and gifts from members and friends are also needed. If you can help us transform our kitchen into an attractive and functional work space for the many meals and luncheons served from it, please leave a donation in the old tea pot on the table in the foyer. All gifts large and small are appreciated. Let’s join together and make this vision a reality! 

UPCOMING R.O.C.K. EVENTS: We thank all youth and their parents for participation in The R.O.C.K. youth group so far this year. What a great start to the season with 11-14 kids present each Wednesday having impacted 20 different kids already this year! This Wednesday, November 1, we will have our annual Bonfire at the Sadler farm, meeting at our usual time but returning to church around 8:15 PM that evening. Please plan your ride home accordingly. We look forward to more faith-forming experiences, friendship, good food, and fun to come in the rest of this semester!