News You Can Use

 DAILY DOSE READINGS? A new plan for daily Scripture readings is being introduced called Lectio Divina which is Latin for “Divine Reading.” Rather than simply read a passage daily and check a box, this method encourages us to slow down and listen for what God may be saying to you personally through a specific passage which may be dwelt upon for an entire week or more at a time. An introductory hand-out entitled, “How to Practice Lectio Divina,” is available in the box at the rear of the sanctuary today. This week you are invited to reflect deeply on today’s sermon passage, John 1:1-18, spending time each day meditating on this text. Another passage will be introduced next Sunday for the following week. May God take us deeper into His Word in 2018 than ever before!

NEW CARE GROUP LISTINGS: Please find revised care groups listing for 2018 in your mail slot today. Extra copies can be found in the Information Station. Members of Grace Church fall under one of four care groups, each headed by an elder and deacon. Feel free to contact your elder when in spiritual need, or your deacon when in physical need – or to share any concern you have about the church at any time.   They are here to serve you along with Pastor Dave. May Grace Church continue to be a caring congregation!

 R.O.C.K. CALENDAR FUNDRAISER: The junior and senior high youth of the R.O.C.K are selling inspirational 2018 wall calendars to raise money for future conferences, retreats, mission trips, Rocky Mountain High, and additional upcoming events and activities. These beautiful calendars are just $10.00 each and are available in the foyer. Buy a calendar and invest in the next generation!

CONSISTORY OFFICERS: Please make a note of your 2018 consistory officers: Phyllis Smith as Vice-President, Brenda Hempen as Clerk, Elroy Rowenhorst as Worship Coordinator, Perry Berger as Discipleship Coordinator; Michele Clark as Deacon Chairperson, Becky Carr as Outreach Coordinator, Steve Smith as Property Coordinator, and Al Rindels as Facilities Coordinator. Also, Linda Mayne is our recording treasurer and Kris Tate is our disbursing treasurer. We celebrate the good leadership God has provided for Grace Church. Feel free to contact the proper person if you have concerns, needs, or questions regarding their particular area of ministry and oversight. May God bless Grace Church richly in 2018!

KITCHEN REMODEL: Our kitchen remodel is progressing slowly but surely. Donations and gifts from members and friends are encouraged. If you can help us transform our kitchen into an attractive and functional work space for the many meals and luncheons served from it, please leave a donation in the old tea pot on the table in the foyer. All gifts large and small are appreciated. Feel free to check-out the progress so far. Our vision is now becoming a reality!