The congregation of Grace Church was organized on May 28, 1950 with just 31 members meeting together in a small basement house near our present location.  Having started with a vision for outreach, our ministry and mission to our community and world remain strong.  We trace our roots to the historic, Christian faith of the Bible and to Jesus Christ.  We are proud to belong to the oldest Protestant denomination in America with a continuous ministry, the Reformed Church in America.  Being Reformed simply means that we are constantly “re-forming” our lives according to the Word of God.  Grace Church can also be characterized as a part of mainline evangelical Christianity as the risen Lord Jesus Christ is central to all we do and teach.


Persons from all walks of life and of all ages comprise Grace Church.  Together, we form a wonderful blend of talented individuals and unique personalities.  This mixture makes Grace Church a comfortable place for just about anyone.  In fact, persons from many different backgrounds and denominations (Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, etc.) are represented within the Grace Church family, making Grace Church a true community church.  But even with our diversity, we are united by our common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Visitors often say we are a welcoming, friendly church with a family feel.  By no means are we perfect, but we do love God and we love being together – especially when food is present!


God is doing a mighty work among us as persons find healing and wholeness through the ministry of Grace Church!  By the grace of God, we continue to see lives transformed and steady growth both spiritually and numerically.  Currently, Grace Church has a total of 175 members, including 135 active-confirmed members and 35 baptized children or youth.  Weekly worship attendance averages around 100 persons between both our traditional and contemporary services.  And, yes, there is still room for you and your loved ones!


Grace Church exists to honor and glorify God, testifying to that fact that regardless of whatever struggles and tragedies befall us in this troubled world (and there are many!), God still reigns supreme and is:

Living in our lives, church, and world,

Loving, kind, and good toward all God’s creation, and

Longing for each and every person regardless of race, creed, or culture to know Him and experience His blessings.

Our Pastor/Drummer

Not all churches can boast of a pastor who also plays drums in their church’s praise band.  Yet that is exactly what our Pastor Dave does!  Pastor Dave combines a caring, pastoral heart and love for God with a steady beat of joyous praise.  His ten-piece drum set has become a well-received addition to our sanctuary “furniture,” next to the organ and keyboards.

“Drumming is a talent God has given me,” says Pastor Dave.  “It would be a sin not to use this talent to glorify Him.  All persons are called to use whatever talents they’ve been given for the glory and praise of God.  I encourage everyone to faithfully use their talents to praise and glorify our awesome God.  After all, praising God is something that can be fun and should come naturally.”

Now don’t get the wrong idea!  Pastor Dave is excellent pastor, preacher, counselor, and leader as well, fulfilling the whole range of pastoral responsibilities quite capably.  Pastor Dave exhibits a strong passion for outreach and seeing persons come to know God and become enfolded into the family of God.  His primary spiritual gifts are in administration, evangelism, leadership, caring, and encouragement.  Pastor Dave loves God and demonstrates this love in his joyful personality and his caring concern toward others.

By the way, Pastor Dave plays drums or auxiliary percussion and sings in our church’s praise band most every Sunday at the 10:45 AM Contemporary Service.  And, he preaches most every Sunday.  So, is Pastor Dave a better drummer or preacher?  You come and be the judge!

Come, grow with us!    We’d love to welcome you!