Vision & Values

The following statements were derived at through a congregational process and represent what we believe God is calling us to do and to become as a people called to represent Jesus Christ in our world.  They are the product of much prayer, discussion, and the discerning of the Spirit’s leading among us.  These statements serve to guide and shape the future of Grace Church.


Our vision is to be a church “Where ordinary people experience God’s extraordinary grace!” 

This vision means that all persons in our reach will experience …

      The welcome of God into our family,

      The work of Jesus’ saving grace,

      The Word of God for personal transformation,

      The witnessing power and mission of the Holy Spirit. 


      The Power of Prayer.  We could not make a difference in the world unless it were for the power of God working in and through us.  That’s why we intercede for others, and strive to bathe all of our ministries and activities in prayer, seeking God’s will first and foremost.

      God’s Life-Giving Word.  The Bible is central to all we do at Grace.  We value clear, Bible-based teaching, preaching, and living.  The Word of God has the power to heal and transform broken lives.  It is the living Word of God – relevant for our time and applicable to our lives today.

      Celebrative & Creative Worship.  Worship continues to be the defining event in a church’s life and is of great importance to us.  We value joyful worship and use a variety of musical styles and fine arts to help us worship God with our whole being.

      Discipleship & Personal Growth.  Following Jesus is a life-long process which is why we offer training and discipleship for all ages.  Becoming more and more like Jesus, appropriating more of his grace, healing, love, and life in our lives is our goal.

      The Giftedness and Diversity of Each and Every Person.  God has created all persons uniquely and all have different abilities, talents, gifts, and personalities.  At Grace, persons are encouraged to identify, develop, and use his/her spiritual gifts for God and the building up of the Body of Christ. 

      Acceptance & Hospitality.  People from all walks of life are accepted and loved at Grace Church.  Jesus valued every person and so do we.  If you haven’t already discovered it, you are welcome and important to us at Grace Church. 

      Caring, Sharing Community.  God did not create us to live in independence from one another. We value the formation of healthy relationships in true and authentic Christian community where each and every person can find his or her needs met through others.  At Grace Church, we are not afraid to admit that we need each other.

     Outreach & Mission.  Giving and living for God is something we value at Grace Church.  Serving persons inside and outside the body are important to us as we strive to witness for God locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

      Spirit-Filled, & Spirit-Led Leadership.  We encourage all who serve in leadership positions at Grace Church to be “walking in the Spirit.”  This means that pastor, consistory members, teachers, ministry leaders along with members seek God daily in their lives.

      Biblical Tradition and Reformed Heritage.  We at Grace are a church with roots that we are very proud of.  We draw from our heritage through the use of historic creeds and Reformed confessional standards. And, we find much spiritual encouragement from the great and historic hymns of the church.

You are invited to join us in realizing God‘s vision for Grace Church, as the Spirit of God guides you!