Caring & Sharing

Life is difficult, often filled with pain and heartache.  Members of Grace Church know and experience the realities and struggles of our fallen world as much as anyone.  That’s why from birth to death and through joys and sorrows, we are a church family committed to caring for one another.  God never intended for anyone to journey through life all alone.  Therefore, we are not too proud to ask for help when we need it, or to share our joys and burdens with our brothers and sisters in the family.  Praise God!  We don’t have to endure the struggles of life alone!  God gave us each other!

Here are some of the ways we seek to care for one another within the Grace Church family.  Everyone needs a little TLC sometimes! 

Pastoral Care

Primary to any church family’s caring ministry is the pastor.  Pastor Dave offers a caring heart and faithfully represents the love of Jesus Christ through hospital calling, visitation to shut-ins and the sick, telephone contacts, and his daily prayers.  Pastor Dave also conducts weddings and officiates at funerals as needed.  And, he is quite capable of offering wise, biblical, and loving premarital, marital, and crisis counseling as well.  “What a joy and privilege to bring the presence, compassion, and liberating truth of Jesus Christ to others,” says Pastor Dave!

Care Groups

In addition to pastoral care, the congregation of Grace Church is divided into four sections called “Care Groups.”  Each Care Group has one elder and one deacon who serve as “care-givers” for the persons and families within their group.  Members can go to their designated care elder for spiritual needs.  And, they may contact their care deacon with any physical needs they might have.  In turn elders and deacons pray for and relate to the members of their care group in a focused way,  making sure that everyone in the Grace Church family receives the best care possible.

Conventional Prayer Chain

Our conventional telephone prayer chain is a tremendous resource to tap the power of prayer!  It is used primarily for urgent needs and concerns of the members and close friends of Grace Church during crisis situations.  The need should be brought to the attention of Pastor Dave who will begin the chain immediately and unleash the power of God through prayer!

Email “Prayer Warriors” Prayer Chain

A less formal prayer “chain” ministry also exist at Grace Church.  This is a group of folks who call themselves “Prayer Warriors.”  These folks communicate all kinds of needs and concerns to one another through email on a daily basis.  Most any need can be presented or sent to our Prayer Warrior’s captain who in turn will forward the request to all Prayer Warriors.  Within a matter of seconds the message is sent forth and prayers are lifted up!

Sunday Morning Prayers

Each Sunday, as a part of our worship service, Pastor Dave brings the needs of our entire congregation before our God through the congregational prayer.  Special requests can be written on prayer slips, deposited in our offering plates, and brought to the attention of Pastor Dave for our congregational prayer.  Nothing compares to the power of God’s people praying in community for the needs of hurting people.  What a blessing to see God answer these prayers!

Sunday Morning Fellowship

Important to the Grace Church family, is the time we enjoy simply being together.  Each Sunday, following our worship, all are invited to a time of fellowship and friendship over refreshments and beverage downstairs in our Fellowship Hall.  A wonderful time to really get to know one another and develop meaningful connections.  Great conversation, great company, and great coffee!

Premarital & Marital Counseling

Pastor Dave seeks to provide biblical, sympathetic, and practical counsel for those who desire it.  Couples requesting marriage are required to undergo a series of four premarital counseling sessions in which a professionally designed questionnaire is taken and discussed.  Married couples are free to contact Pastor Dave at their initiative.  All sessions are confidential and free of charge.  All counseling is offered from a biblical, Christ-centered perspective.  Pastor Dave is also happy to give referrals when needed or requested. 

Informal Caring & Kindness

All the above “organized” ways of caring and loving one another in the Grace Church family cannot account for the many informal and non-programmed ways in which we care for each other.  In fact, these are often the most important.  Countless phone calls, cards, visits, and conversations take place each and every week in the life of Grace Church as we seek to love one another with the love we ourselves have received from God!

How can we help meet your needs? 

You are important to us!