This Sunday, January 21


Have you ever lost something and spent an excessive amount of time searching for it? I once dropped a contact lens in my bedroom and spent hours searching for it. Fortunately, after peeling the sheets off my bed, going over my clothes, and searching the carpet with a flashlight, I finally found it!

What are you searching for these days? It might be a lost object, soul satisfaction, a loving relationship, a new job, good health, good grades, or a better life. But whatever it is, you’re not alone. Most people spend years of their lives seeking for something to make their lives happier.

The Jews of old were also searching for something. They were searching for their Messiah – the promised anointed One from God who would deliver them and set them free from political and spiritual oppression. In fact, they spent years waiting, longing, searching, and anticipating this Messiah!

The Good News we explore this Sunday is that John the Baptist announces that Jesus is the One! He’s the One you’ve been waiting for and he has the credentials to back it up. Our message, “He’s the One!” will highlight how our search is over and Jesus fulfills three critical life needs as our Messiah.

Traditional worship begins at 9:00 AM. Contemporary worship begins at 10:45 AM with a nursery provided. Sunday school for children begins at 10:00 AM. And, refreshments and friendship can be enjoyed by all between services in our Fellowship Hall. Please join us and bring a friend!

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Dave