This Sunday, November 22

“Beam Me Up, Scotty!”

I’m not a “Trekkie.”  In fact, I have to confess I don’t think I have ever watched a complete episode from beginning to end.  (Sorry to disappoint you, Star Trek fans!)  But I do remember this familiar phrase made popular in the show.  “Beam me up, Scotty!” was spoken by Enterprise crew members who wanted to leave their current location and somehow be “beamed-up” or transported to another realm or location.  It was science fiction, of course.  I don’t know of anyone is able to do that.

Yet, there was One who really was “beamed-up.”  Not in the science fiction sense of Star Trek, but in a miraculous spiritual sense.  I’m talking now of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Apostles’ Creed sums-up this important doctrine in these words: “He ascended to heaven and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty.”  Christians really believe Jesus was miraculously and literally lifted up from this earth and taken into heaven.  But why?  What does Christ’s ascension mean for us?

Join me along with your Grace Church family and friends this coming Sunday as we consider five key and potentially life-changing teachings tied to the ascension of Jesus.  What difference does the ascension of Jesus mean for you and me today?  How may we find comfort in this truth?  Traditional worship begins at 9:00 AM and contemporary worship begins at 10:45 AM.  Inspiring worship, a biblical message, and warm friends await you this Sunday at Grace Church.  Please plan to join us!

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in our area and for the safety of all who worship with us, this Sunday will be the last Sunday for in-person worship services for a time.  Consistory unanimously voted to suspend all in-person worship and programming until such a time as we can safely gather in groups again.  However, we will continue to meet for online services through Facebook and YouTube.  Detailed information will be shared through this week’s announcements.

This is also the last Sunday to return your “Operation Christmas Child” shoebox(es) as we strive to meet our goal of giving the gift of Jesus to children around the world.  We are well on our way to surpassing our 60 box/children goal.  May God bless you for your generosity.  What a joy it will be to gather this Sunday!  Join us in person, if you are able.  Or, join us later in the day online.  Either way, we pray God’s Spirit will move powerfully in our midst, renewing hearts and lives in Jesus!

Together in Christ,

Pastor Dave Van Netten