This Sunday, September 24

Investment Portfolio

A smart college friend once told me to invest while I was young. In other words, you don’t need a lot, but get time on your side by starting early and systematically saving a little money each year to invest in your future. The advice has served me well over the course of my life. In fact, many people I know have invested either personally or through their employer to provide themselves with a good retirement and future.

So here’s an odd question: Does God invest? Does God also have an investment portfolio? Of course, God doesn’t invest in certificates of deposit, mutual funds, or the stock market. But I want to submit to you that God does have an investment portfolio. And, you and I are it! The fact is: God has poured valuable resources into our lives called gifts and talents; and He desires that we gain a positive return on His investment.

This Sunday’s message is based on The Parable of the Talents, from Matthew 25:14-30, and is entitled: “Giving God Your Talents.” Together, we’ll learn three important life-truths through Jesus’ teaching in this parable, as we continue our Giving Your Best; Trusting God with the Rest sermon series. The Traditional Service begins at 9:00 AM, and our Contemporary Service begins at 10:45 AM, with a nursery provided.

Busy Bags are available for children at both services and can be explored by youngsters in the nursery area under supervision during the contemporary service. Sunday School for children from 3 years-old through those in 5th grade begins at 10:00 AM. And, beverages and goodies will be served between services in the Fellowship Hall for all to enjoy. Sign-ups for our fall small group series, “S.H.A.P.E.” also takes place this Sunday.

Please plan to join us, and please consider bringing a friend with you. It’s going to be another great Sunday at Grace Church with vibrant worship, an encouraging message, great fellowship, caring friends, and a time of learning for all. May God bless us with His Spirit’s presence as we seek to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Let’s pack the house to the glory of God! I look forward to seeing you and your loved ones this Sunday. 🙂

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Dave Van Netten