This Sunday, May 19

Faithful Fans 

When sports teams achieve victory or win championships, you’ll very often hear the coach and players thank the fans for their enduring support throughout the season.  In fact, sometimes you’ll hear them make statements like, “We’ve got the best fans ever!”  Clearly, fans who cheer, believe in, and support their teams make a difference.  Anybody who has ever played sports knows how much a home field or home court advantage helps!

As we consider Hebrews 12:1-3 this Sunday, we discover that the author likens our life and faith journey to the running of a race.  It’s not a sprint, but rather a marathon through ups and downs, hardships and pain.  But guess what?  When we run for Jesus, we have a “home court” advantage in that we are surrounded by such a great “cloud of witnesses” – all the saints of our faith who’ve gone on to glory and cheer you on from heavenly bleachers.

“Running to Win!” will encourage you to persevere in your Christian faith even through hard times and the pains of life.  Together, we’ll discover three things the author exhorts believers to do so we can finish the race strong and win the prize.  Traditional worship begins at 9:00 AM.  Contemporary worship begins at 10:45 AM.  A nursery and Children’s Church are provided at the second service.  Refreshments will be served between services.

Please plan to join us and to be inspired in your faith.  Truth is, the race of our Christian faith can be difficult and draining at times.  We all need a boost of energy from cheering fans to help us endure, run with perseverance, and finish the race strong.  When we do, we are blessed to run into the arms of Jesus.  Who do you know who needs some encouragement in the faith these days?  Invite them to join you this Sunday and hear the cheers!

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Dave Van Netten

 P.S.  Hailey Holven will share a little about her summer mission trip to Jamaica this Sunday.  Your support is very much appreciated!