This Sunday, March 18

Customer Service?

A person posing for the camera Description generated with very high confidence

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of customer service today?  You wait forever for a waitress to take your order in the restaurant.  You get put on hold and then passed around on the phone with the utility company.  You can’t find an attendant at the department store to answer your questions.  Seems like good old-fashioned customer service is sorely lacking today.  We could all share stories of so-called customer service, or lack thereof. 

 This week’s message, “Service with a Smile,” focuses on service, and highlights the example of our supreme servant, Jesus himself.  Based on Jesus’ example of washing his disciples’ feet in John 13:1-17, we will consider four aspects of this incredible picture of Jesus bending a knee to serve his followers.  The message will be educational, inspirational, and helpful to anyone who is serious about following the example of Jesus.  Please join us!

 Traditional worship begins at 9:00 AM and contemporary worship begins at 10:45 AM.  Busy Bags for children are available at both services and a nursery is provided at the latter service.  Sunday school for children begins at 10:00 AM.  And, refreshments for all are served between services in the Fellowship Hall.  It’s going to be a great Sunday and I hope you and your loved ones will join us.  Please consider reaching out to bring a friend.  See you Sunday!

 Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Dave Van Netten